The Spray Extraction Cleaner

The tuba clean Spray Extraction Cleaner has a dual function:

It sprays the cleaning agent under pressure into the carpet pile and after dissolving the dirt, it vacuums it off again in the same operation.

The tuba clean Spray Extraction Cleaner is easy to use and to transport. The 3 m hose and the comfort floor nuzzle allow for a comfortable and back-friendly working.

The tuba clean Spray Vacuum Cleaner always goes with the tuba clean Main Detergent for carpets or the tuba clean Upholstery Cleaner for your upholstery, car seats and mattresses. The tuba clean Spray Extraction Cleaner is designed for the use of tuba clean products only.
When using third-party products, you will not achieve the desired result. This may result in rapid resoiling, discolouration and damage to fibres and fabrics.

Upholstery nozzle

If required, a special upholstery nozzle for thoroughly cleaning your seat and car upholstery and mattresses is available for free.

Tip: With the upholstery nozzle you can easily reach even hard-to-reach areas of your carpet, e.g. in corners, on steps or carpet skirting.

Hard floor nozzle


With the tuba clean Spray Extraction Cleaner and the additional hard floor nozzle you can now also thoroughly machine-clean stone, linoleum and sealed wooden floors. Simply ask in one of our rental stations for the tuba clean Universal Hard Floor Cleaner and the hard floor nozzle, which is available for free.