Expert for machine-supported cleaning of

Expert for machine-supported cleaning of

Cleaning products


For the pre-treatment of heavily soiled areas and high traffic areas. Optimizes the cleaning result of the subsequent basic cleaning, using the tuba clean spray extraction carpet cleaner.


For the special treatment of very tenacious stains, also applicable occasionally without the need of a complete basic cleaning.

Main Detergent

Special concentrate for the hygienic and deep cleaning of carpets and rugs. Also applicable for oriental carpets. Considerably reduces mite allergens*

*Do not use it for sisal, coir and silk fibres. Please follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Upholstery Cleaner

Especially for the gentle to fabrics and colours deep cleaning of upholstery, mattresses and car seats. Considerably reduces mite allergens. Applicable  with the tuba clean spray extraction carpet cleaner.

Intensive Impregnator

Stain-resistant special impregnating agent for carpets, upholstery and car seats. Increases the fibre stability, actively protects colours from getting grey and provides a highly durable protection against immediate resoiling.

Leather Clean & Care

Perfect cleanliness, protection and care for all kind of large smooth and grained leather used in cars and at home (particularly for leather upholstery, car seats, car interiors, leather coverings)

Universal Hard Floor Cleaner

The most effective professional cleaning for your stone, linoleum and sealed wooden floor with the tuba clean spray vacuum system


The perfect addition to the tuba clean professional cleaning system for carpets and upholstery in the home, car, and camper vans. Working in with the tuba Sponge increases the stain-removing effect of the tuba clean Pre-Spotter.