Expert for machine-supported cleaning of

Expert for machine-supported cleaning of

Leather Clean & Care

  • Perfect cleanliness, protection, and care for all large areas of smooth and grained leather in cars and at home (especially for leather upholstery, car seats, car interiors, leather covers and alike)
  • The combination of high-quality active ingredients keeps leather soft and supple and thus guarantees lasting value retention even for high-quality leather.
  • After the treatment, the leather gets a silky shine without being greasy.
  • The professional formula is extremely economical and leaves no grey haze or streaks and can also be used on dark leather.
  • The tuba clean Leather Clean & Care is absorbed very quickly. Treated surfaces can be quickly reused without any risk of staining or degreasing.
  • Re-polishing is not necessary.
  • In addition, the deep impregnation formula protects the leather against the penetration of liquids (water, wine etc.), oils and stains.
  • The high-quality special trigger allows a fine, even spray without soaking the leather.



Ingredients (according to the regulation on detergents No. 648/2004)

  • AQUA
  • Acrylate copolymer
  • Alcohols, C16-18 and C18 unsaturated, ethoxylated (15 – 20 EO)
  • Alcohols, C16 – 18 (even numbered), ethoxylated, 15-20 EO
  • Amino Siloxane
  • 2-phenoxyethanol


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