Expert for machine-supported cleaning of

Expert for machine-supported cleaning of

How to use

The use of tuba clean Pre-Cleaner is recommended for walkways and heavily soiled surfaces. Also suitable for the pre-treatment of seat soiling on upholstery and car seats.

For specific use on particularly tenacious stains, please use the tuba clean Pre-Spotter. Working in with the tuba sponge increases the stain-removing effect of the tuba clean Pre-Spotter. The components of the tuba sponge, which are specially adapted to the different materials and types of fabric, support the extra gentle yet effective cleaning of fibres and fabric.

The basic cleaning with the tuba clean spray vacuum cleaner is as easy as vacuuming. Thanks to the spray/extraction function of the powerful professional device and tuba clean cleaning agents, you can remove deep-seated dirt, stains, unpleasant odours, and even harmful mite allergens.

The tuba clean intensive impregnator prevents rapid re-soiling and thus makes the cleaned carpet look good for longer. Simply spray it onto the still damp carpet or upholstery and allow it to dry.